Between Dreams and Realities


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Between Dreams and Realities

Some Milestones in Pakistan’s History
Second Edition
Sartaj Aziz

In the second edition of this book, the author has added new material to an already illuminating record of the milestones and turning points in Pakistan’s political history. This book attempts to demonstrate that only a genuine democratic dispensation can ensure its survival as a viable federation. Sartaj Aziz argues that the vitality of a nation comes primarily from the value system, cultural heritage, and social energy of its people.

As Finance Minister under Nawaz Sharif, he was the main architect of many of the far-reaching reforms introduced in the early 1990s and describes the changing processes of public policy in Pakistan. As Foreign Minister during the Kargil crisis of 1999, he presents an authentic and insightful account of that unfortunate phase in Pakistan’s history.

Sartaj Aziz has also covered Pakistan’s emergence from military rule during the two PPP governments of the Zardari Presidency.  He describes Nawaz Sharif’s third term as an elected prime minister, his later disqualification, and the subsequent in-house change. In the last chapter, ‘Imran Khan as Prime Minister’, the author examines the performance of Imran Khan since the 2018 elections.

As you swipe through this book, you will not only recognize Sartaj Aziz’s role as a repository of knowledge, but also how much understanding he has about the system and how deeply he appreciates the implications of decisions made. He describes them and their actual fallouts so eloquently. For me, this is a reference book. Anytime I need to write up something or need to understand any issue, I refer to Between Dreams and Realities.

Dr Sania Nishtar,

Special Assistant to P. M. for Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation

I wholeheartedly agree with Sartaj Aziz when he writes at the end of this book ‘the dream of Pakistan should never be allowed to die’.

Shahid Hamid

Former Governor of Punjab and Defence Minister of Pakistan

This book is written with a purpose: to convey to the coming generations that Pakistan can survive only through a genuine democratic framework.

‘Lahore Journal of Policy Studies’, of Lahore School of Economics


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